What We Took Away from Wikileaks’ Vault 7

What We Took Away from Wikileaks’ Vault 7

Source: Melissa Dykes | TruthStream Media

What We Took Away from Wikileaks’ Vault 7

Wikileaks has released the first of its highly anticipated “Vault 7″… and the documents prove that the CIA not only has an enormous arsenal of lovely hacking tools and malware at its disposal, but the agency also has a fat bag of exploits that essentially allow it to take backdoor control of smart phones, televisions, gaming systems and more and turn them into live microphones. One called “Weeping Angels” is even named after a Dr. Who villain (see episode #11 here). It makes television owners think their television is off, but it’s just a false off that allows the agency to listen to anyone within earshot.

  • The CIA… now in your living room any time it wants.

And now for the real takeaway of Wikileaks’ Vault 7 “Year Zero” dump… incrementally acclimating people to living in a total information awareness society where the government has access and can invade your privacy any time it wants through technology.

This is a continued ratcheting up from the slow-drip Snowden leaks.

At this rate, how many years do you think it’ll be until we’re officially at Minority Report pre-crime/Big Brother 1984 telescreens in no time.

Source: TruthStream Media