David Icke - The Truth about Consciousness

David Icke: The Truth about Consciousness

Извор: Дејвид Ајк

The Truth about Consciousness

  • I’m doing what I’ve always done, which is follow my Intuition keep putting one foot in front of the other…

There are lot of Myths about Spirituality, like when You become spiritual suddenly Your Life changes and You’re walking down country lanes with Butterflies fluttering around Your Head and Life is wonderful now…

  • But actually, one of Things that I was told in 1990 right at the start was:

„The Spiritual Road is tough and no one makes it easy“

There is another Myth that Awakening means that Your Life becomes perfect, but actually what Awakening means is:

Tearing down the Layers of programming and Perception that holds You in servitude to Ignorance